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Cutting-Edge, Hidden Braces

InBrace® invisible braces are the most aesthetic teeth-straightening solution. Since these innovative hidden braces are placed behind your teeth, on the tongue-side, they’re completely hidden from view when you smile. Thanks to the small brackets and custom Smartwires™, they also provide friction-free movement for a more comfortable experience and outstanding results. To find out if you’re a candidate for Raleigh, Cary or Durham InBrace lingual braces treatment, schedule a complimentary consultation at VanderWall Orthodontics today!

What are
InBrace Braces?

InBrace hidden braces are bonded to the back of your teeth, making them a truly discreet treatment option. The tiny brackets are paired with customized smartwires that are created based on Dr.VanderWall’s prescription. The wires provide continuous, light forces to shift the teeth and they have a loop design for comfortable, friction-free movement (and the ability to floss as you normally would!). The self-adjusting wire is pre-programmed with your final tooth movements from the start, so teeth take a more direct path to their ideal places without the need for adjustments or tightening. This means less time spent at our office and more time enjoying your stunning new smile.

Why Choose

InBrace behind-the-teeth braces are completely invisible and, unlike clear aligners, you don’t have to keep track of them, worry about wearing them for a certain amount of time, or take them in and out of your mouth to eat and drink. The design of InBrace braces eliminates a lot of the challenges associated with conventional lingual braces, which means the InBrace braces cost is closer to that of regular braces or clear aligners, and caring for them is much easier.


These behind-the-teeth braces can’t be seen at all when you smile. Since they’re bonded to the teeth and stay in place throughout your treatment, you’ll forget they’re even there.

Simplified Oral Hygiene

InBrace invisible braces have a looping design that lets you floss between your teeth as you normally would. The tiny bracket size also allows for easier brushing. No more floss threaders and, more importantly, no stains!

Saves Time

InBrace smartwires are pre-programmed by Dr. VanderWall and move teeth towards their final places from the get-go. Since they don’t require tightening or adjustments, they’re comfortable, follow-up visits are quick, and treatment as a whole may be shorter.

How Does InBrace Hidden Braces Treatment Work?

One of our team members takes quick, comfortable digital impressions that are used to create a virtual, 3D model of your mouth. Dr. VanderWall plans out your treatment directly on the model. He can move each individual tooth into its ideal place and he can even anticipate and troubleshoot potential challenges before you start a day of treatment. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that!

Customized smartwires are then created and pre-programmed to achieve Dr. VanderWall’s specified tooth movements. We bond the brackets to the back of your teeth and secure the prescription wires. The wires self-adjust and don’t require tightening. Instead, your pearly whites head straight for their final destinations. Thanks to this precision, visits and, sometimes, treatment times are shorter and you’ll have less discomfort.

Your Smile Transformation Starts Here!

Find out how we can give you a healthy, confident smile with braces or clear aligners in Durham, Raleigh or Cary, NC.

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Your Smile Transformation Starts Here!

Find out how we can give you a healthy, confident smile with braces or clear aligners in Durham, Raleigh or Cary, NC.

Book A free consultation