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These days, technology moves at the speed of light and in many ways, these advances enhance our daily lives. Orthodontic technology has followed suit. Case in point? LightForce braces. Amongst all your braces options today, LightForce braces are the only fully custom braces right from the start, setting you up for a braces experience that’s second to none. That’s why we offer LightForce braces at VanderWall Orthodontics.  

So how exactly are LightForce braces a cut above? Here, Dr. VanderWall covers six ways LightForce braces are redefining the braces experience. 

1. Custom Braces That Fit You and You Only

When you compare LightForce braces vs. traditional metal braces, perhaps the biggest difference is the level of customization. LightForce braces are fully individualized: both the brackets and wires are designed to fit only you, right down to the brackets fitting against your teeth’s minute contours like a glove. In contrast, metal braces use generic brackets with flat backs which results in a good but less-than-exact bond with your tooth surface. 

LightForce braces’ full customization starts with high tech scanning that creates 3D digital models of your teeth. Dr. VanderWall uses these highly detailed renderings to digitally plan precision treatment — he can plan each individual tooth movement for your best possible smile. From your treatment plan, your LightForce braces are 3D printed to fit your teeth alone. 

Think of these custom braces like this: your LightForce braces don’t exist until Dr. VanderWall designs your treatment plan and your LightForce braces are produced. In contrast, traditional metal braces use premade, generic brackets and wires which are then tailored to your case. Of course, these other types of braces are still effective but not the most personalized orthodontic technology you can get.

2. Enjoy A More Discreet Appearance With LightForce Braces vs. Metal Braces

Patients who want a straight, beautiful smile but aren’t keen on looking like they’re wearing braces can feel confident that LightForce braces are discreet. These custom braces have a low-profile feel and appearance. Their brackets are smaller than on typical metal braces for a barely-there look, however, you don’t have to worry about their size impacting their performance. LightForce brackets are made of a light but strong ceramic polycrystalline alumina. 

What also makes LightForce braces less noticeable is their color which is designed to blend in with your teeth. Choose between clear, called Light, or white, called Cloud.

3. A Higher Level of Comfort

More comfortable vs. traditional braces, LightForce braces redefine the everyday feel of braces-wearing. As mentioned, the brackets are smaller, and they also have rounded edges, resulting in less discomfort on the inside of your lips and your tongue. And since your progress is preprogrammed into your braces from start to finish, patients can enjoy fewer adjustment appointments and less post-adjustment discomfort.

4. Less Time In The Orthodontist Chair 

Speaking of appointments, LightForce braces offer shorter and less frequent visits to the orthodontist which is convenient for your busy life. How? Proactive, fully digital treatment planning contributes to efficient treatment time and fewer adjustments along the way. One study observed a 41% reduction in the number of scheduled appointments with LightForce vs conventional metal braces.

And bonus, getting these ultra custom braces on in the first place is typically quicker than with many traditional metal braces. LightForce braces use an indirect bonding tray system called LightTray to attach your brackets to your teeth. This process bonds brackets all at once instead of one at a time. At VanderWall Orthodontics, we’ve found that setting LightForce brackets and wires in place can sometimes take less than an hour. 

5. Enjoy Shorter Treatment With LightForce Orthodontics

Choosing LightForce braces over other types of braces can mean quicker treatment time. In fact, the same study mentioned above found that LightForce custom braces resulted in an average of 45% less treatment time than with conventional braces. So the perk for patients? Revealing a LightForce braces before and after sooner than you think and enjoying the benefits of a healthy, straight smile before you know it.

6. LIghtForce Braces Cost: Value In Convenience, Comfort, and Quick Treatment 

At VanderWall Orthodontics, we strive to make orthodontics affordable for your budget. And though it’s true that LightForce braces can cost a bit more than conventional metal braces, consider all the extra benefits that come with LightForce’s truly custom braces experience. If elevated comfort, convenience, aesthetics, and a shorter treatment time are valuable to you, let’s work together to create a financing plan that makes LightForce braces a reality.

Custom Smiles Designed For You In the Triangle Area

Ready to start your smile transformation with the most innovative orthodontic braces technology? LightForce braces are your answer to a fully custom treatment for a smile that’s uniquely you.

As a leading Triangle-area provider of LightForce braces, board certified orthodontist, Dr. Clay VanderWall, and the VanderWall Orthodontics team are ready to help you on your LightForce braces journey.
Schedule an appointment today at our Raleigh, Cary, or Durham, NC office to get started.

Dr. Clay VanderWall

Author Dr. Clay VanderWall

Dr. VanderWall attended Kalamazoo College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences. He spent a semester doing research at the Dental Research Center of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill where he wrote his Senior Individualized Project (SIP). He furthered his studies at the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry, receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1999. He graduated with honors and was inducted into the national dental honor society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU). He also received the Pierre Fauchard Academy Student Award and was a recipient of the Health Professions Scholarship from the United States Navy.

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